What do we offer?

Classical Homeopathic treatments for Chronic and Acute diseases

Depending on the evaluation of the patient, we offer classical homeopathic approach to treat diseases and bring harmony to a fundamental level. Once the equilibrium is reached, body gets rids of diseases in it’s own natural correction process. Even though the classical homeopathic approach is little slow in achieving the desired result, once it’s achieved, the healing is deep and permanent in nature. When treating a target disease with success, patient also receives others benefits naturally i.e weight loss, better sleep, enhanced energy, better mindset, calmness, positive outlook etc. It’s a total mind, body and spirit approach.

Herbal Natural Weight Loss Program

We annex our natural herbal and detoxing program, for patients with immediate weight loss objective. Please inquire with our office in Plano or Irving, to learn more about our Guaranteed weight loss program that is unavailable anywhere else in the metroplex. Our combination natural holistic method to achieve permanent Wight Loss is very unique on it’s own yielding a very high success rate of over 85%. Provided that patients follow our protocol properly, under our guidance, we are very much confident that the natural holistic weight loss program that we offer for our clients in Dallas Fort Worth, TX area is uniquely a stand out on it’s own compared to what out there in the DFW metroplex when it comes to Non surgical natural weight loss.

Earlobe Repair – Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

Surgical Earlobe repair is expensive and often found to be rather complicated. We use non surgical or non invasive natural healing methods of repairing Earlobe hole, leaving no stitches, marks etc. Generally the repair heals fast within a week to 10 days. The process is generally painless. We encourage that you consult with our office to learn about our completely non invasive way to naturally repair Earlobe that is very cost effective, easy and fast healing. We have done hundreds of these with ease in our office without any complication.