Classical Homeopaths should be able to treat all acute diseases and also chronic degenerative conditions in their beginning stages. Once chronic conditions have reached their final stage homeopathy can do very little for such patients.

They are highly diluted substances of usually natural elements that come from vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom.
All Homeopathic Remedies are prepared in contemporary pharmaceutical industries in a special way called 'Potentization'.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s own constitution to balance the system in the processes of improvement.

It acts in a way that strengthens and enhances the natural defense system of the body.

Because they are highly diluted, they are not dangerous but still the wrong remedy can have some -though minor -side effects.



Not because of a correct treatment. If the remedy is not correct the disease will surely progress.

They can modify the ailment, for instance, they can remove a headache which is on the right side to the left side – if the remedy is not the correct one.

Homeopathic remedies can work fast . Often, people suffering from some kinds of headache find relief within minutes. It may take a while to get complete benefit depending on the condition of the individual. Most individuals with acute conditions find relief in one or two days. People start feeling better in few days in chronic conditions as chronic conditions develop over a period of time.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from vegetables, minerals, chemicals, animal products and nosodes. Homeopathy remedies are highly diluted and potentized to be safe.
Vegetables: Allium cepa (onion), Asparagus.
Animal Products: Lac Cal, Spongia.
Minerals: Natrum mur (common salt), Ferrum met (iron), Kali sulph.
Chemicals: Ars alb, Calcaria carb.
Nosodes: Syphilinum, Medorrhinum.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and very effective for children. As Homeopathic remedies will bring the balance in the system to strengthen the resistance. One can start Homeopathy as early as possible to let them grow healthily from the beginning. Single remedy for multiple symptoms in very minimal dose is offered in Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are loved by kids because as the pills are sweet.

This is happening frequently but not always. The more the pathology of the case the greater the initial aggravation. Functional problems usually have minor aggravations that are not even perceptible.

This is wrong and can only be allowed when the patient’s life is in danger and the physician is not sure about the correct remedy.

In a dry place away from the sun and strong perfumes. Not in refrigerators.

Much less.

This is difficult to tell but as a rule we can say that for every year of suffering it will take one month of treatment.

No. Must stop as soon as he feels quite well.

This acute must be treated homeopathic ally as well if possible. Conventional drugs should be avoided as long as the patient’s health is not in danger.

This can happen but the effect of the homeopathic remedy is extremely minimized and has to be repeated more frequently.

Yes, with all free of drug treatments.

Not because of a correct treatment. If the remedy is not correct the disease will surely progress.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.